Customer Experience Training Program - Effective Conflict 

This workshop will include an introduction to customer experience training and how to manage difficult customer.


What client questions will it answer?

  • Whys is customer service important?

  • What is positive communications?



  • Differentiate different learning styles for individuals 

  • To be able to identify and understand who are their customers 

  • Defining good customer service 

  • Delivering a positive experience 

  • Active listening 

  • How to deal with difficult, rude or indifferent customers 

  • Challenging and managing our assertiveness 

  • managing aggressive behaviour and pacifying disgruntled customers 

  • leading assertively, including non-verbal aspects of behaviours 

  • Behavioural styles 

  • Showing resilience 

  • Constructive conflict management 

  • Persuasion and influence in managing conflict 

  • Emotional intelligence


What is the format?​

  • Half-day workshop