Delivering Best Practice CX


Learning Outcomes

  • How to deliver faster, more efficient decisions; with increased customer engagement and strong customer experience across all channels.

  • How to communicate effectively for your audience, while also providing a positive experience where the process (and possibly the end result) isn’t what the customer is expecting.

  • Understanding how to view the situation from the customer’s perspective.

  • How to use empathy statements and mapping to better understanding your customers and respond to difficult situations.

  • How to manage complaints successfully.

Who will benefit from it?

  • All Staff members who interact and/or external customers.

What Topics are covered?

  • Email/Written - Best Practice Customer Service Guidelines 
  • Understanding our Customers 
  • CX Ecosystems 
  • Walking in our Customers' Shoes 
  • Positive Vocal Techniques 
  • The Role you Play 
  • Face to Face Best Practice Customer Service Guidelines 
  • Over the Phone - Best Practice Customer Service Guidelines  
  • Empathy Mapping and Statements 
  • Managing Complaints Successfully 

What is the format

  • A one day workshop with all staff which can be delivered face to face or online via Zoom, Skype, Teams etc.  If online, the workshop can be broken up into two sessions.

  • 1 on 1 coaching sessions for each attendee following the workshops to discuss feedback and hone in on any opportunities or issues identified for further consultation advice (optional)