Promoting Self Service Channels

Give staff the confidence to promote self-service to your customers


What client questions will it answer?

  • How can my staff to help increase use of self service?

  • How can I improve my staff's understanding of the benefits of self service?


Who will benefit from it?

  • Customer facing staff

Format and Topics

​This half-day program is aimed at equipping front line staff, particularly contact centre agents, with the knowledge and skills to effectively promote self-service channels. Topics include:

  • Investing the customer's ability to access self-service tools.

  • Discovering the customer's propensity to utilise self service.

  • Educating the customer on how to use self-service online or over the phone.

  • Promoting the benefits of self-service, including 24/7 access, no wait times and simplicity.

As a result of this, attendees will have the ability to promote self-service channels and educate customers on how to use them.