Customer Experience Fundamentals for Leaders 

This training workshop demonstrated innovative ways to understand, create and manage the customer experience in all channels. 


What client questions will it answer?

  • What is customer experience, and identifying customer touch-points?

  • What are the best practice reporting metrics and measurement tools?

  • How to incorporate end-to-end workforce management considerations?

  • How to optimise quality processes to encourage customer-centricity?

  • What process re-engineering techniques are optimal customer outcomes?


Who will benefit from it?

  • Contact centre leaders. 

  • Operational team leaders. 

  • Operational management. 

  • Management and team leadership staff. 


  • Understanding the characteristics of leading contact centre. 

  • Understanding and analysing performance metrics.
    Driving high performance, including consistency, quality outcomes and low cost.

  • Identifying and setting the right performance measures and objectives. 

  • Omni-channel operational management. 

  • Communicating unique contact centre dynamics. 

  • Identifying actions to improve the contact centre. 

  • What constitutes a quality customer contact - defining customer service. 

  • Measuring and improving quality and efficiency. 

  • Understanding and analysing performance metrics. 

  • Acquiring the data needed for informed decision making. 

  • Effective reporting frameworks. 

  • The drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. 

  • Reporting and insights.

As a result of this course, attendees will have an understanding of leading a customer focused team. The interactive training program includes a presentation, followed by interactive breakout sessions, providing participants with the opportunity to practically apply their learning.