Give staff knowledge and tools to understand and respect diversity in the workplace and in your customer base.


What client questions will it answer?

  • How can staff feel comfortable with diversity in the workplace and amongst customers?

  • What are the benefits of diversity?


Who will benefit from it?

  • Front line staff

  • Team Leaders 

  • Managers 


Format and Topics

This half-day training program is aimed at front line customer service staff at improving their ability to understand diversity - both in the workplace with colleagues and with customers. The training program objectives include enabling participants to:

  • Understand diversity and the benefits, as well as challenges of working with people from a diverse background (both employee and customer).

  • Gain awareness of their own perspective and nay biases they may have, an how these can plain to in employee relationships, within teams and through customer interactions.

  • Understand how diversity can positively enhance the customer experience. 

  • Discover tools you can adopt to become aware of their own values, beliefs and biases


As a result of this course, attendees will have an enhanced understanding of diversity in the workplace. 

Note: This course can be modified for Managers and included modules relating to managing in a divers environment.